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200 West Main Street

P.O. Box 175

Tamaroa, Illinois 62888

 August 17, 2017 is our first day of school!

Registration was August 3, 2017.  Please stop by the main office (1st floor) if you need to complete the registration process.

Please follow links at left for the 2017-18 school supply lists and the calendar.

Welcome to Tamaroa Grade School
District #5!  
Home of the Tamaroa Indians
Our Mission:  
     Tamaroa Grade School is a partnership of students, parents, educators, and the community whose purpose is to provide an environment, which recognizes the individual needs of the students and which promotes the intellectual, social, and physical growth of young people.
"Tomorrow’s Success Reflects Today’s Education"




Tamaroa Grade School

District #5

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